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Turban et al. Book — editor. Book — chapter in an edited book. Mantrala , p. Book — multiple works by same author published in different years. Laudon and Laudon , explain that Why and how did you recruit the contributors?

How much did areas of expertise, geography, gender, etc. I asked contributors whom I respect a great deal for their expertise and the way they have made the effort to value-add, sometimes over many years, to the PR profession. They do this partially for their own satisfaction, sure, but much of it is driven by a humility and willingness to put themselves in the firing line by daring to express an opinion.

This is an underestimated quality. Not all of them are bloggers, or very active bloggers, but most are. To tell you the truth, I went for the biggest brains and nicest people I had a connection with, then hoped it would fall into place. Thankfully, I think, it did.

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Most people I asked to contribute honoured me with a submission and, as you will see, these are not slight pieces. There is a lot of thinking that went into their work. The expertise was spread over different topic areas I have an interest in and I thought would make for engaging, relevant reading:.

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I wanted a global spread and that worked out pretty well. Also, I did ask more women than accepted the offer; I was hoping for a greater female representation. I would particularly like to be inclusive of India, where I have many professional LinkedIn connections. As to the specific nature of the report…well, like PR is meant to do, it would be great to give a voice to those outside the dominant coalition, which in our case are arguably non-Western countries. Any challenges where you felt you were lacking?

This is not so easy. It takes time, sweat and follow-through. I think there is great benefit in the report for many people in the business communication fields and, hopefully, it will be appreciated as such.

As for lacking, I could always do for more talent—in all areas! But my determination got me through on this one, as it generally does.

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The biggest challenge has really been the concomitant updating of my blog, which has been getting a number of SEO, subscriber process and other value adds occurring to it. Painful and educational, but hopefully worthwhile. He knows all about Ian Dury , whom I love, and he likes! I encountered him via Twitter or reading his blog, I cannot remember which.

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Craig comes across as a real pro who is fun to know. The public relations field needs people like Craig…. So no, there were no disappointments. There were plenty of surprises, but they were expected surprises, if that makes sense. How is Public relations issues, insights and ideas being rolled out?

In a short time he has become a peer whose opinion and feedback I value greatly. Without a doubt, I was truly honored that Craig asked me to contribute to his e- report; it took me about 30 seconds to agree. How will you measure success of this venture, in both quantitative and qualitative terms? And what is your optimum audience mix? For our ICT centre, a facilitator shall be engaged to introduce the children into the basic knowledge of computer skills.

Also, special Programs on ICT for personal development among many others shall be introduced. These are parts of the many features of the Hon. Ayoola said. You can also contact Fakunle Sheriff Ekundayo on for your books donation and expert advice and consultancy for the Ayoola kids Club.

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