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The study enlisted 7, American adults between the ages of 51 and They filled out psychological questionnaires, which the researchers then cross referenced with physical health and mortality data. Those without a strong life purpose were more twice as likely to die between the study years of and Nuanced empathy skills help us develop close relationships, which according to a growing body of research, is the key to a good life.

Firing someone is emotionally challenging. Here are practical emotional Communication in the workplace is a constant challenge. Fortunately, research on emotions and the brain has helped clarify key Even just remembering an experience of awe makes people measurably kinder, happier, and more generous. This worksheet is wonderful, except that the print is so light that it is barely readable.

Can you revise the color scheme so that there is more contrast? Hi Terri, thanks for the feedback. I appreciate and more interested in EQ i view as EQ is the right place for studying and gain more insights. If you want to consult with a life coach who can help you explore this further, let me know and I can connect you with the right person. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

No problem! The Secret to a Long Life? A Meaningful Reason to Keep Living Research says having purpose is more important than headline grabbers like drinking, smoking or exercising By Michael Miller — September 30th, You read that correctly. Warning: it could save your life.

Download free worksheet. Study details The study enlisted 7, American adults between the ages of 51 and Check out these recent articles on emotional intelligence:. November 19, Nuanced empathy skills help us develop close relationships, which according to a growing body of research, is the key to a good life. Three Tools for Workplace Communication November 19, Communication in the workplace is a constant challenge.

How much of this painful "gift" are we supposed to endure? I don't know. Now that I also have rheumatoid arthritis it hurts, physically, all the time, the only thing that takes the pain away is narcotics and sleep, waking up hurts, so why not just go to sleep keep on sleeping? Stack that on having felt invisible to everybody I've ever known beginning with my parents, so, what for?

I have to say that alcohol has saved my life a thousand times, as Eric Clapton said, the only reason I didn't kill myself was because I knew if I was dead I could never have another drink, the docs and shrinks drone on and on about how alcohol ruins lives, but they never think about how alcohol and other drugs save lives, by easing the pain. For many, drugs and alcohol are the last line of defense against suicide. I am sorry to hear of the pains, physical and emotional, you've endured, Ray, and can certainly understand your use of meds and other substances to reduce such pains.

While the episodes of pain may have limited periods of reduction or relief, I hope you can find and grow those perhaps all-too-infrequent respites or "oases," the times when someone listens, can share a laugh This list is weak and will have very little benefit for those who are on the edge of suicide. Many people are stuck in situations where the items on this list are not applicable, or won't be applicable for such a long time, the person is too tired to wait it out.

That is very true. Whenever considering suicide, call a suicide hotline immediately: Call or call in case of emergency.

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When a person is actually and truly considering suicide, they aren't going to call the suicide hotline or I get you are a trained professional, but telling someone who is suicidal to those things has little affect on them. It's usually the people close to them that actually have an affect.

I know this, I've been in this situation time and time again, not once did a hospital or a counselor actually help, most of the time it only got worse. Hospitals don't help when it comes to mental illnesses because they just medicate.

5 Undeniable Reasons to Keep Living, Minus The Fluff

Medicine is not and never is actually the answer, the answer is through people close to the person, only family and friends can truly help. A stranger telling you that you shouldn't take your life has no affect, since you do not know them and they do not know you. I feel like no matter how much training a medical professional may have, it does help those truly thinking of committing suicide because all the medicine in the world will not treat someone who truly believes that the only answer is to end it all.

Please, understand that while the suicide hotline is there to help, it really can only help if someone close to the person is the one calling, that way the person in need of help will hear what the suicide hotline would have said but from someone they actually know. I called the hotline and apparently made the person on the other end of the line flustered.

I have been in a psych ward where all of the other patients talked about what they would do "the next time" to be successful.

Sometimes depression doesn't let us see the beauty of life.

My psychiatrist did not take me seriously. When you have no job, nofamily, friends, or anyone who care, what is the point? I'm guessing here, but I feel like you haven't seen the show or read the books, and if you have you paid no attention to what the story was truly about. I get that it may be a play on words, but it's a gross misrepresentation at best.

To base your entire article on "Since Hannah could not find her reasons I'm not sure if it would be better or worse that you may not take clients and instead blog about things you seem to have no real understanding of.

Living with Bipolar Disorder

To even think some of the garbage in your list shows depressed people just how little you overpriced "professionals" actually care at all. Interestingly it seems you have unwittingly in the most ignorant sense provided a key reason why so many never seek therapy or for many that do, why they end up with a "14th reason". Well done. As an aside to this, you people really need to get a grip on how dangerous those suicide hotlines are for people on the edge. They may work for those crying out for help, but do a tremendous disservice to those who recognize there is no real help to be found on the other end.

You should call one, possibly cry yourself to sleep over how vague, disconnected, and patronizing they are then awake to take charge of initiating changes to provide a real service for that entirely different category of people who need it.

While I'm not the only one commenting here to mention that which really should be a key indicator of how critically important it is to look at that nonsense being so generalized I'm also not the only one to recognize that this list in itself is inane. Who in blazes are you to tell people their life is not their own? That's akin to telling them to live as a slave and accept it and to be bound in some non-existent way to how they impact others by their own decision to stop being unhappy Do you even have a concept of how miserable that makes truly depressed people feel?

If those that care about them can't be happy for the end of their suffering, I'd argue that they didn't really feel empathy about it in the first place and their desire for that person to stay alive is purely selfish. Wait until someone kills themself after reading one of these asinine posts of yours and they find your article on the screen of their pc. Maybe being held accountable in some public fashion is what it will take for you to recognize the disservice you do both to your profession and to those that are in need of said professions help with this kind of useless material.

You are catering to the people who are bummed and not suicidal, while you give the depressed more reasons to be suicidal I've seen more impressive suggestions from uneducated people with a practical knowledge of people. Your reply was amazing though, and was a REAL mood booster, and great laugh and thats the best medicine I guess this list was easily the most patronizing thing i've read in along time Absurdly out of tune and abstract from real teen experience, like reading a disconnected psychological paper written by someone trying to understand the teenage experience, through their own dissociated, and untrue, memories.

Your fake smile betrays you. Fuck you. Very weak list, mainly for its lack of substance and presumptuousness. People do not necessarily love life and may suffer depression, wish to end their suffering or simply do not see the point of living. The items on this list do not address that. There is no rhyme or reason to this random airheaded laundry list, except for the presumptuousness that someone cares enough to learn, to live through new experiences, has faith and gives no reason why one should have faith in life and in others in it , to get to know ourselves etc.

There is no consideration for the person suffering here, what they are going through and how they are feeling.

2. Your problems don’t disappear after you die – they go to others.

This is a kind of topic that should address life in a more empathetic, reflective and philosophical way. Which I suppose is possible in a list format anything can be done well. And " If death gives meaning to life, then consider it, but in order to learn to live better. This reminds me way to much of counsellors, psychologists, even psychiatrists who will "prescribe" without truly seeing the patient lots of bad mental health professionnals out there.

This is a field I have been disappointed in time and time again. And this article further proves my position.

How Do You Keep Living With Someone When You’ve Broken Up? | MEL Magazine

I'm looking for reasons for my new blog elizareasonstolive I'd love people posting on there. Can't think of anymore Can I use any of yours made into my own? Yes, you can post it at your blog and I am sure you will be inspired to find your own to add to this. You can also ask your readers to do it For heavens sake don't. The reasons are so bad. The last thing suicidal person want's to hear that life is a gift and you are here to learn.

When time after time you try and fail and feel like shit, you don't want to bealso feeling guilty about not feeling thankfull you were born or your suffering is just a lesson. This woman who wrote this should know depression is a very real illness that actually needs treatment and can be helped and not this bullcrap! I'm in the same boat as you. The suffering is endless. I'm waiting around until my parents die before going through with it, approximately another 20 years.

In the meantime, I haven't lost all hope for one more peaceful moment or improving my life in some way. So many despise this article who are chronically suicidal. So I'm interested to hear about what works for others. Because if nothing worked we'd be dead right? For me cats and a puppy really helped. I also have a support group I go to. I stopped drinking because it was a bit too much of a good thing.

A certain strain of weed works well for me though. Getting well enough to travel with a group is helpful.