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Ghost Over Boulder Creek

Run Through Fire is a twelve-year-old Cheyenne brave who has seen a lot in his twelve winters. His father used to visit as much as he could while working as a ranch hand in far away Colorado until the day he was taken away by white men who accused him of being a horse thief. Run Through Fire never saw his father again, although he hoped to one day travel to Colorado to learn his fate.

Most of the braves are killed and the women and children taken prisoner.

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It is here that General Custer sees the boy and decides that, given his light brown hair and blue eyes, he must be a white child who was captured many years ago. The journey to Colorado is fraught with danger.

Ghost Over Boulder Creek: A Historical Cheyenne Mystery

Young Run Through Fire must use his wits and training as an Indian brave to survive dangers that include frozen rivers and attacking Indians. Along the way, he decides it might be to his advantage to take on the guise of his white relatives and so he begins to dress as a white boy and call himself Billy Tull.

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It was later thought that there had been a misunderstanding and Tull had actually purchased the horses before his trip, but no one is certain. In the following years, people have claimed to see a ghost by the creek—so even though William Tull was laid to rest in Pioneer Cemetery, his spirit may still haunt the Boulder Creek. The prominent house at Euclid, formerly home to the Boulder History Museum, was built and first occupied in by John Harbeck.

The couple was considered to be odd, keeping their doors locked and curtains drawn at all times.

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Katherine, in particular, kept very much to herself and preferred the company of her pets. In fact, Katherine maintained a pet cemetery on their property.

After John passed in , he left the home to Katherine. She did not wish to live there on her own, but she could not bear to leave her pets.

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Katherine stayed in New York City but hired a caretaker to look after the large empty house and graveyard. The home stood unoccupied for 30 years, and tales of it being haunted grew in the Boulder community.

After Katherine passed tragically in a revolving door accident at the Plaza Hotel in , the house was sold. As occupants of Euclid came and went after it was sold, tales of shadowy figures and strange happenings lingered.

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In , the house became home to the Boulder History Museum. Employees of the museum reported seeing shadowy figures standing in the upstairs windows as well as hearing footsteps in empty hallways. Could it be the spirit of Katherine Harbeck?