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Mathew Sims , Grace for Sinners. Kevin — October 21, I bought this because a blog I follow recommended it. Highly recommend!!! BLM, in a five-star review on Amazon. Here is one of those reviews, copied in from Amazon. To be so short, it is packed with all the information one needs to live a powerful life in Christ.

No god but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam

It is a sure read. I truly recommend this book if you are looking for a closer walk with God. Pam, in a five-star review on Amazon.

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Contents of book are biblically based and a refreshing reminder of the awesome God we serve as believers. Pastor Cliff Mattox, in a five-star review on Amazon. In doing so he explores the themes of God preserving humanity through Noah.

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God creating a nation when they cross the Red Sea. God then preserving that nation. He looks at God providing a better sacrifice for us by means of the Incarnation of Christ. Then Lute looks at how God, through the cross demonstrates the wonders of His love for His people. Then he examines how this phrase relates to the Resurrection, that glorious day when God raised Jesus from the dead.

Next is God choosing the foolish and the weak through election.

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Then he wraps all of it up with some final thoughts in chapter ten. I have pretty much recapped the entire short book for you right here.

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  • So why should you still go get it and read it? Because the content of this book is so valuable and helpful in your daily walk and pursuit of Christ. So go get it, read it, underline and highlight. Make notes. Read not only the passages touched upon, but also those surrounding them to garner the whole context and to dive in deeper.

    They Said, But GOD Said Lyrics

    I received this book in ebook form from the publisher, Cruciform, for the purpose of review with no requirement to write a positive review. Todd, in a five-star review on Amazon. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of new posts by email.

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    Just two words. Specifications Weight 5 oz Dimensions 5. Indeed, this is beautifully applied throughout each of the nine chapters in this book. Lou Tullo. Blog Review — March 5, A refreshingly concise, yet comprehensive biblical theology of grace that left this reader more in awe of the grace of God.

    But God – Hope for Single Moms

    That is the strength of brevity. Blog Review — March 5, Every believer in Christ will be encouraged and edified by this book…. Beneficial for Every Believer Every believer in Christ will be encouraged and edified by this book, as will every person who wants to be a more effective hope-dispensing counselor. Profitable for Counselors As a pastor and counselor, I was reminded that the storyline of the Bible because its theme is Christ , is one of hope, not condemnation.

    Rated 5 out of 5.

    The treaties I have concluded with the King of Sicily contain no infraction of the law of nations. I do not understand how I can be reproached for the conquest of Cyprus. I avenged my own injuries and those of the human race, in punishing a tyrant and dethroning an usurper; and by bestowing my conquest on a prince worthy of the throne, I have shown that I was not prompted by avarice or ambition; so much so, that the Emperor of Constantinople, who alone had any right to complain, has been wholly silent on the subject.

    In reference to the Duke of Austria, he ought to have avenged the insult on the spot, or long since to have forgotten it; moreover, my detention and captivity by his orders should have satisfied his revenge. I need not justify myself against the crime of having caused the assassination of the Marquis of Montferrat; he himself exonerated me from that foul charge, and had I my freedom, who would dare to accuse me of deliberate murder?

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    My pretended correspondence with Saladin is equally unfounded; my battles and victories alone disprove the false assertion: and if I did not drive the Saracen prince from Jerusalem, blame not me, but blame the King of France, the Duke of Burgundy, the Duke of Austria himself, all of whom deserted the cause, and left me almost single-handed to war against the infidel.

    It is said that I was corrupted by presents from the sultan, and that I joined the crusade from the love of money; but did I not give away all the wealth I seized in capturing the Bagdad caravan, and what have I reserved out of all my conquests? Hidden category: Pages with override author.

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